The East Turkistan Association of Canada was founded in 2018 and became a legal and registered organization in Toronto, ON, Canada. It was formed by merging the Uyghur Canadian Association and the East Turkistan Cultural Centre in October 2018.

The aim of the East Turkistan Association of Canada is to bring the Uyghur, other  people of East Turkistan origin living in Canada together through various social events and activities, as well as introduce the richness of Uyghur culture to Canadians. In other words, our purpose is to contribute to the improvement of mutual understanding, interest and fraternity between Uyghur and Canadian people. We believe that enabling Uyghur people to experience their own culture under the roof of this foundation helps create solidarity in addition to positively representing Uyghur society in Canada. Along with this understanding, Our foundation organizes various events and activities throughout the year, our activities are supported Uyghur people living in Canada.

Our foundation is based on voluntary work. We would be happy to have your support by participating in our events and activities or even taking an active role in the organization and becoming a member.