//Protest in Front of Thailand Embassy

Protest in Front of Thailand Embassy

Thailand release the Uyghur Prisoners!
On April 24, 2023, Mr. Mattohti Mattursun (Muhammad Tursun), an Uyghur refugee detained at IDC Suan Phlu in Bangkok since 13 March 13, 2014, had passed away. He was 40 only years old.
Mattursun is the second Uyghur (following the death of Mr. Aziz Abdullah on 11 February) this year to die at IDC Suan Phlu. In 2018, Bilal a 27-year-old Uyghur refugee, also died in a Thai immigration detention facility. This is the fifth death since the detention of the group in 2014.
There are currently approximately 50 Uyghur refugees detained at IDC Suan Phlu and other detention facilities in Thailand. We urgently call the Thai government to end the prolonged detention of Uyghurs and release them immediately to safe third countries!